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Information on the best Monteverde hotels, cloud forest reserves and activities

The Monteverde Cloud Forest is probably one of the most popular places in Costa Rica for nature lovers to visit. The quiet Quaker town of Monteverde is a pleasant stop for spending a couple of days, browsing among galleries and small shops, and to use as a base for exploring the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest with its surrounding reserves and attractions.

The main activity of this area is of course the walks in the Cloud Forest. Various parks/reserves are open daily and offer guided walks for the visitors. The Monteverde reserve limits the number of visitors allowed into the forest at one time to keep disturbances to the wildlife at a minimum, so you might consider visiting the Santa Elena Cloud Forest reserve or the Ecological Farm. There are over 12 Km of trails in each of the parks of Monteverde and Santa Elena.
monteverde Cloud Forest
Monteverde cloud forest reserve
The Monteverde reserve was established in 1972 and has been managed by the CCT (Tropical Science Center). The Monteverde reserve was created thanks to the influence of the Quaker community that settled in Monteverde in the decade of the 50´s. In order for them to preserve the natural springs as their water source they kept untouched the surrounding forest. Years past and other organizations such as the Monteverde Conservation League started to add land to the already preserved forest with the Children's Eternal Rain forest program, which involves children from all around the world raising/donating money to buy and protect more land. The "Bajo del Tigre" trails in Monteverde are part of this conservation project. If you are a wildlife lover, we highly recommend getting up early in the morning and visiting the parks, becuase this is the time when most birds and mammals feed. Parks open at 7:00am but in some cases you might be let in earlier if you have previously arranged a tour with one of the naturalist guides of the guide association of Monteverde.
Other activities started in Monteverde thanks to the eco-tourist influence. Such is the case of Aventura Canopy Tour . This exciting way to explore the cloud forest's treetops consists of a cable pulley system rigged in the forest canopy. The idea is to slide/fly/swing via the cable from one treetop to another while sitting in a harness, using gravity as propulsion. There is also some hiking, a rapell, and the Tarzan Swing which is an incredibly fun experience. The tour takes about 2 hours, with equipment and professional English speaking trained guides included in the trip as well is free transportation from your hotel and back.
Sky Walk Suspension bridges

Alternatively there are the Suspension Bridges, also known as the Hanging Bridges or The Walkways. Not as adventurous as the canopy tour, this activity is recommended for people who would like a different perspective of the forest by walking on bridges suspended over cloud forest valleys giving you the chance to be next to the treetops. These walks don't require any equipment and any person can walk them. The whole course takes about 1.30 hrs. Bridges vary in size; they go from 50 meters (150 ft) long to 170 meters (510 ft) and from 12 meters (36 ft) to about 60 meters (180 ft) in height.

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Horseback riding is another very popular activity in the area. Many different environments in the Monteverde region can be visited by horse. You will be able to experience fun rides in the forest as well as coffee and banana plantations. The San Luis waterfall, Local farmland, and views such as the Arenal volcano and lake, the Pacific Ocean and the sunsets over the gulf of Nicoya are also horseback riding options. Local horseback rides usually take about 2 ½ hours, but you can arrange for longer rides if you'd like. You don't have to have any riding experience, but you will have to practice your Spanish now that most of the guides are local "cowboys" and only speak Spanish. You can arrange rides for any time of the day.
Horses in Sunset
In the town of Monteverde itself, small galleries expose the work of both local and international artisans, including photography, painting and sculpture. There is also a local women's arts and crafts cooperative called CASEM that sells a wide variety of hand-painted and embroidered clothing and other souvenirs, with profits benefiting the community.
Other attractions such as the Frog Pond, the Insect world, the Hummingbird Gallery, the Serpentarium and the Butterfly Garden are recommended for indoor afternoon activities, or for elderly people. These involve short guided walks and expose many of the small living creatures of the Monteverde Cloud forest and Costa Rica. There is also a popular night tour which begins at 5:30Pm and allows you to experience the change in forest activity after dark.
hummmingbird Gallery
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