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Jeep Boat Jeep (Taxi Boat Taxi) Service between Arenal and Monteverd

Always $22.00 Per person from most all hotels Compare this to $25.00 -$30.00 or more anywhere else And payment is simple. Just give the driver $22.00 each in cash (local currency at the then exchange rate or in US dollars) when picked up.

Service provided by licensed and insured vehicles.Service is every day including all holidays.

When selecting your hotel for pickup or drop-off and you see an additional charge that means your hotel is off the main route and requires an extra charge. Most of these are in the Arenal/La Fortuna area.  See paragraph below for explanation.

If you know the date, time for pickup and pickup and drop off hotel name

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We do not drop off or pick up at activities like canopy tours (Selvatura in Monteverde for example) It is for hotel to hotel service (other than downtown drop offs mentioned below).  

Do not try to make a round trip in one day in order to see Monteverde or Arenal from the other location. Day trips will not work for you. You need to stay at least one night in each location. If you want to do a round trip staying at least one night in each location simply fill out two requests with the different dates, times, etc.

If you want to be dropped off in downtown Santa Elena or La Fortuna that is not a problem.  Just select Santa Elena Downtown  or La Fortuna Downtown  instead of a hotel. In that case you are responsible for taxi rides to a hotel. However if you have the pickup hotel and not the drop off hotel you can tell the driver the day of the trip which hotel and if on the route they will drop you off at the hotel no problem . In this case select as destination Downtown in destination.  However in this case please do not expect to be dropped off at any hotel that requires an extra fee. This needs to be arranged in advance so we know you will need the extra transport.

Please do not attempt to suggest that you were promised transport to some other hotel that is not on the main route for the same price. You will be picked up and dropped off  at the locations you select or any hotel on the route if you tell the driver when reaching either the Lake if going to Arenal or before reaching Santa Elena.  

So if you are ready to go and are sure of the details fill out the form and we will send a confirmation. You will have no problems and the driver will be there as long as you give the proper info. If you have any doubts about dates, Am or Pm pickup or hotels just wait till you have that all confirmed.
There is no passenger limit for this transport. So you can make the request up to 24 hours  before and you will be confirmed. Do not worry.

Normal baggage is included. Everyone has a seat. It is a shared service however. (Make new friends!!)  The trip takes about 3.5 hours total door to door and of course includes the fun boat ride across Lake Arenal.

Am pickup gets you to your destination around noon.

Pm pickup gets you there around 6:00Pm.

There is one stop for a bathroom break. Don't overdo it on the coffee before leaving!



I know the date, time for pickup and pickup and drop off hotel name and am ready to reserve.

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On behalf of the hard working friendly folks in the Arenal and Monteverde areas that work in tourism and strive to make your experience enjoyable, we thank you for visiting two of the nicest and exciting locations in Costa Rica. Enjoy your visit and have a total Pura Vida experience!
If the driver does a good job consider giving the driver on the Monteverde side a dollar or some loose change in colones (those coins add up is a chance to relieve yourself of  them). Imagine doing that drive twice a day with maybe two young kids at home for basically a minimum wage).

The drivers do not have the attitude that a tip is expected. It is appreciated however, no matter how small the amount.

Hotels with extra Taxi charge:

Note that some hotels are isolated and require an additional charge to take you into the hotel or pick you up from there. The extra taxi price is listed when this is applicable. When you select any one of these hotels you are agreeing that you know of the additional charge. The additional charge is per trip not per person.

So for example if there are 6 of you and you need to go to Arenal Observatory Lodge the price is $22.00 per person or $132.00. The additional charge is $20.00 so the total will be $152.00.

If you are staying outside of La Fortuna like at the Tree Houses or Chachagua for example you may be able to get a taxi on your  own cheaper than the price we can offer for the additional transport. Or check with the hotel for the possibility that they offer service into La Fortuna.
In that case pick Jacamar Tours in La Fortuna which is a well known place.  In this case be sure to leave early enough to get into La Fortuna on time. If you are not there at the agreed upon time the driver cannot wait.


If you would like quotes for any other Costa Rica transportation leave a note in the comments field with the date, and pickup and drop off cities and we will get back to you. 

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Pictures on trip Monteverde Side

Pictures on trip of boat Crossing

Looking for a great lodging option in Monteverde?

 Look no further. Rainbow Valley Lodge offers reasonable rates and a quiet nights stay. Top rated on Trip Advisor.  Also when staying at Rainbow Valley Lodge you receive a $2.00 discount per person on Jeep Boat Jeep,  further discounts on shuttles to other locations and many coupon savings as guests for some local activities and restaurants in Monteverde.  Mention this ad when reserving.

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