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The ongoing T-Shirts for Ticos donated clothing program

Founding members: Deborah Flynn and Marie-France Menc from Canada and Joni Quaintance and family from California

Based on the generosity of Deborah, Marie-France, and Joni, this program got started. The idea is that foreign visitors planning a vacation or visit to Monteverde can make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children here in Monteverde by simply bringing a few pieces of used clothing and leaving them here in Monteverde for distribution by

Here is how it works: As you know Costa Rica is considered a third world country. There is much poverty here and to me as an American I see this poverty and I am so thankful that I was born in the United States and was able to live a decent middle class life and have educational opportunities. I have many Costa Rican (known as Ticos) friends and neighbors who unfortunately are not so lucky and must struggle very hard to care for themselves and their families. Therefore we at have decided to offer a voluntary program whereby visitors who so choose, and are able to, can help in a small but significant way to help make life better for disadvantaged Costa Ricans. And so we are asking that any of you that can help, participate in a used clothing program to help disadvantaged Costa Rican children. We realize that you are here on vacation and have your own luggage and that of course there are luggage weight restrictions. We know that you are not coming to Costa Rica on some sort of charity mission and appreciate that. This is totally voluntary. The idea is that if you can help, bring only what you can without incurring any additional cost. We are not talking about going down to the mall and buying brand new items and bringing those. Basically any used clothing would help. A t-shirt or pair of tennis shoes or old jeans or whatever. Something that you don't need or would donate to the Salvation Army. And even one piece of clothing is appreciated. We are not asking for any large quantities. If you do participate in this, you can place these items near the top of your luggage and if your luggage ends up over the weight limit simply take them out and offer them as a gift to the ticket agent at airport check-in or ask them to donate them to the Salvation Army. (In my experience they will usually waive the fee when you do this and explain what the clothing is for) What can be of use here is any item of used clothing or shoes. For children 3 years to 16 years old only please. No heavy winter clothing is needed or anything fancy. Just basic used children's clothing. Used tennis shoes in children's sizes are particularly good as well as used jeans. If you can participate in this then simply send us an email telling us what date you will be checking out and the name of the hotel. You can leave the clothes at the front desk with the name on it. Our phone locally is 2645-7015. We will pick up the clothing and ensure that it is donated to needy children. We do this through schools, parents groups or at government housing projects. You can see from the pictures of the kids receiving clothing from our original sponsors that they are very excited about receiving the clothing and shoes. If you can help please do so and I assure you that you will bring many smiles to the children in need.


Rolf Hanson for

We will list the names of all donors on this web page.

Costa rican kids with clothes
Happy kids with new clothes
Thanks Deborah and Marie!
Happy kids
Thanks Joni!
Thanks Joni's sons!
I love my new clothes
Thank you very much for the clothes
Joni and family
Joni Quaintance and sons and John  

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