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Los Llanos School Fundraiser for Band Equipment ...and more!! An act of kindness proves to give back with a rewarding day in Monteverde

The Caterpillar Corporation's district manager for Central America, E Hopkinson and his wife Amy had the idea of giving something back to a group of children in the poorest section of Monteverde called Los Llanos. After enjoying a game of soccer with some of the boys and girls that live in Los Llanos, when on a visit to Monteverde last April, E and Amy came up with the idea of trying to raise funds and donations of clothing for these disadvantaged kids. Coordinating with volunteers from this website, via email and phone, the team at Caterpillar and their wives, (a mix of Americans, Costa Ricans, and other nationalities) along with some wonderful volunteers who were not employees of caterpillar, were able to have a rewarding day with the children of Los Llanos on October 7th, 2006. The day started out by putting together school packs for 96 students with basic school supplies a new school shirt. At the same time in the school kitchen, many of the mothers of the students donated their time and started making breakfast and lunch for everyone, about 200 people in all. Then, the games for the children started, including hoola hoops, tug of the rope, soccer, water balloons, and musical chairs. Around 12:30, everyone had lunch which then was followed by beautiful native dances by some of the students. At the end of the day, the biggest surprise came out of the boxes. The students of Los Llanos received a new band set. The students were so happy and as each piece came from the boxes, the students cheered and clapped with smiles of joy. Later many bags of clothing and toys were distributed to the children. It's hard to imagine what a used t-shirt or pair of shoes can mean to these kids. This is what the act of kindness is all about and it couldn't have happened without the thought and idea coming from E Hopkinson and Amy and the hard work, dedication, and organization from the Caterpillar family of employees and spouses, as well as all the other wonderful volunteers who participated in raising funds for the event. Also the local organizers and the parents committee at the school as well as area merchants who helped make the event a success. (See list of volunteers below)

View Slide Show of fundraiser photos:

More Photos Here:

Mothers cooking Lunch
sack race
Native costa rican dance
hokeypokey dance monteverde
serving lunch
eating lunch
eating lunch
happy kids with school supply bags
Band equipment for school
Band Equipment presented to School
Donated toys
kids with donated toys

As we hope you can see, this event was a special treat for the kids at this smallest and poorest of Monteverde public schools. Not only was it a special day of fun for the kids, (and lots of work for the volunteers) but due to the efforts of all the people working together, the school can now participate in next years Independence day parade. This means allot to the kids and the parents and could not have been possible without the hard work and involvement from the following individuals and groups.

Amy and E Hopkinson

Edgardo and Patricia Wagner

Jason and Angela Baumann

Ian, Christiana, and Jonathon Aguirre

Kadir Abuchaibe

Mike and Christy Peterson

Juan and Angelica Blando

Dave and Tracey Carius

Rolf Hanson

Jenny Zuniga and her wonderful daughter Caterina

Kate Soracco

We would also like to thank three local hotel owners who donated rooms for the volunteers for the weekend:

Xenia and Gunther and From Los Laureles Lodge -Los Laureles Lodge

Leonel Arguedas and his wife Reyna from Cabanas Valle Campanas - vallecampanas

Rolf Hanson Rainbow Valley Lodge - Rainbow Valley Lodge

Also the Parents:

Junta directiva de La Escuela Los Llanos - Lucas Lopez President

Founding member of the school in 1992 - Jose Angel Cruz

Irian Gonzalez

Roxana Rojas

Juana Vega

Fanny Porras

Miladis Rodriguez

Rosa Zamora

Siria ruth Alfaro

Ana Guiselle badilla

Analive Garcia

Marielos Abarca

Maria Perez

Lillian Solera

Dunia Varela

Dinia Varela

Alba Solis

Stela Somaribas

Carmen Ramirez Salas

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